K.I.N.G.S. at the Capital

March 16th was my favorite day of the 2016 GA Legislative session, not because it was "Sign or Die" , "Crossover Day", or the day a bill got denied or turned into a law. This day was special because I had to opportunity to join a group of young men from my neighborhood as they engaged in their first glance at the political process at the state capitol. K.I.N.G.S. is an acronym for Knowledge & Intellect Needed for Gaining Success that serves as a Character Development Program.The primary focus of the K.I.N.G.S. program is to equip young men with the primary essentials and basic social skills vital to becoming successful citizens. The trip was organized by Mr. Juan Moore, you can find out more

A Day at the Park

On a breezy day in mid-March I took a stroll through Independence Park on Thomas Road. I have been visiting this park for twenty years, but this time something was different. I could see the park was vibrant with life. I was excited at first because every time I take strolls around the community I run into my students that I teach everyday. As I predicted I did run into a few students, and quicker than scattering roaches, my students dissipated as I walked up the pathway leading to the walkers trail. Passing the playground two boys, both students of mine, approached me. We greeted one another casually ,”What up?” and “What's going on?” We spoke about how “er’body was just chillin’ before I p

Hoop 4 Hope

Thank you to Mr. Dwight Johnson, OTC Total Athlete and Stay Strong For Life for the hosting “ Hoop 4 Hope” at Clayton State University. Hoop 4 Hope was a celebrity basketball game raising awareness about childhood obesity and the water contamination in Flint, Michigan. As Commissioner I would support and bring more community engagement events that foster education and entertainment for citizens of Clayton and the Southern Crescent. It takes a village to raise a child. Vote for me May 24th and early voting begins May 2nd. Don’t go alone take someone with. Let’s put the Eric back in America. Let’s restore the village. So go ring the the bell of liberty and vote Eric Bell for Commissioner on Ma

While I Qualified, Guns Did Too

“Living the Dream”, a phrase popularly used while I served the country as a young aviator in the United States Navy. “Living the Dream” refers to the lifestyle of a young aviator awaiting the next adventure in the cockpit. The dream of defending the country and protecting the liberties we enjoy as American citizens, but this time the dream with lived by me qualifying to be the next Commissioner of District 3 in Clayton County. Interestingly, I was joined by other SpelHouse (Spelman/Morehouse College) alum vying for Clayton County leadership. First, I would like to thank everyone that has donated to the campaign so that we could raise enough funds to qualify. Thank you for believing in me. I

Progressive Parents in Pointe South

On Wednesday March 2nd, we participated in "Muffins for Moms"; an event held at Pointe South Elementary School to increase parental involvement with their child's education and to foster more open relationships between parents and school staff. I was extremely happy to be apart of the progression going on in Pointe South, particularly at Pointe South Elementary School. A school where I spent many summers as a kid participating in their summer programs. Being able to indulge with my community on educating parents and supporting teachers in the growth and development of the youth makes me humbled to even have this opportunity to serve our community. The school provided muffins for the moms, a

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