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HB 821: Clayton Schools Could Lose $18 Million.

Things could get worse for Clayton County... The room was congested with legislative personal from aides to reporters, politicians and advocates. The odor was filled with the scent of stuffy suites and perfumes that gave it the type of stench reminiscent of fowl play and corruption. Even the walls were cluttered like mosaics leaving standing room only.

The Way and Means committee of Georgia’s House of Representatives conducted their afternoon meeting with a prejudice towards benevolence. Chuck Efstration from the 104th in Dacula, introduced a bill that would strip Clayton County of $18 million in children’s education. That is approximately $300,000 per school.

Clayton County schools are already considered a poverty stricken school district. This capitalistic disinvestment will spun criminality and malice, which will surely spill over to surrounding communities.

Make sure you spread the word about the happenings that will becoming to our community. Tell your House of Representative member to vote against HB 821. VOTE NO! We need you down at the capital.

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