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A Day at the Park

On a breezy day in mid-March I took a stroll through Independence Park on Thomas Road. I have been visiting this park for twenty years, but this time something was different. I could see the park was vibrant with life. I was excited at first because every time I take strolls around the community I run into my students that I teach everyday. As I predicted I did run into a few students, and quicker than scattering roaches, my students dissipated as I walked up the pathway leading to the walkers trail. Passing the playground two boys, both students of mine, approached me. We greeted one another casually ,”What up?” and “What's going on?” We spoke about how “er’body was just chillin’ before I pulled up.” I felt slighted, as if I was a leper or someone who had deserved to be avoided. As the conversation continued I learned that gangs would meet up and fight at the park. Then I thought about when I was their age, how gangs would meet up and fight at the park. Same game, but different players. The names weren’t of neighborhood origin but nationally known. I learned how younger millennials would smoke there among the middle school aged kids and accounted for some of the now barren area. We said our good-byes and I tried to leave them with some encouraging words. On the walk back to the car I reflected on the conversation with my students and, how I need to go harder for them. I thought about how I want to better the quality of life for the citizens of Clayton County. I thought about the day I will be able to serve my community.

Vote Eric Bell May 24th. Early voting begins May 2nd. Don’t go alone take someone with. Let’s restore the village. vote Eric Bell for Commissioner on May 24th

Just another day at the park and the neighborhood. Thanks Zombie Fame for the pictures.

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