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Cinco Day : Our Independence Day

Cinco Day - BEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!!!!!

Its OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY : the day we calm our right to be whoever we want by defying social constraints, labels and stereotypes and overthrowing the oppressive narrow mindedness of modern society. We will celebrate FREEDOM, DIVERSITY, UNITY through a live art show; not to exclude musicians, poets, fashion designers, other forms of expression. Let your freak flag fly! (Costumes, highly unique, theatrical, bold and expressive dress code encouraged)

This is a fictional pop up holiday celebrated in Atlanta every 5th of the month. We want to promote the ATL Renaissance and create an environment that embraces diversity, freedom of artistic expression, and culture inclusion. The Cinco Day traditional dish is $2 tacos, Mayo's side dish are delicious doughnuts! Enjoy spirit drinks and embrace the positive vibes of live art, exhibited art by featured artists, musical performances, and spoken word.

Rsvp for

Proceeds will help fund local scholarships and school supply drive. Find more information and donate at or

Below are a picture from Cinco Day Mayo and flyers from previous Cinco Days.

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