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K.I.N.G.S. at Morehouse

Had the pleasure of joining the young men of K.I.N.G.S of Pointe South Middle School at Morehouse College. It is important to me that our youth get the exposure that is most needed. I am glad to show young men from my neighborhood the institution I call my alma mater, because not too long ago I was where they are now. I hope that each young man has the opportunity to advance their knowledge and live a life of value and promise. If anyone of them turn out just as good as me, then I have failed. For their outcome must tower high above my own because it is my shoulders they will stand on. We all have a duty to lay the foundation for our successors and I plan to lay the best foundation for them. Each of us should take that charge upon us to insure that we all have a safer and bright future. Today's students are tomorrow's leaders.

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