Blue Star Report and More

On Monday, February 27th, a coalition of groups will join Georgia CARE Project in a day of lobbying and meetings to bring attention to the negative impact that cannabis prohibition has on the citizens of Georgia and to lobby legislators in support of pending legislation. When: Monday February 27, 2017 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Where: Georgia State Capitol (Gold Dome) 206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334 Why: An opportunity for cannabis advocates to gather at the state capitol to meet with legislators and show support for cannabis law reform. The 2017 Georgia General Assemble began on January 9th and we have been there since day one, walking the halls and talking with state legislators about can

1st Annual Still In School Bash

Thursday, January 19th at Skate Zone, we were able to service many ​​​​Clayton County/Metro-Atlanta students and families in attendance at the 1st Annual Still In School Bash with school supplies and resources. Partners included Well Care, Primerica,The Chainges Fund, Chik-Fil-A and Clayton County's Sheriff and Police Departments. The Still In School Bash consisted of a few components: art exhibit, poetry, skating, shopping, and inspiration by community figures. Music was provided by Dj 2uty and hosted by Eazy the Great. The art exhibit was curated by the artist K. Medulla. Kendall Fire performed spoken word meant to inspire a generation to push for progression. Attendees were introduced to

Hallelujah Trends: A Brand About Strengthening Equality

Hallelujah Trends is a brand launched by Taylor Smith: 22 years old. It started in here dorm room, as a sophomore in college, she created a brand known as Hallelujah Trends. Taylor built her brand based on the principles of peace, equality, unity and most of all salvation. (HT) was to be used as a vessel, to silence hatred, violence, and discrimination. Hallelujah Trends' intentions are to shift the general perception, to an unbiased and nondiscriminatory view: despite your race, gender identification, sexual preference, outward appearance, mental capability, social "class", or faith... You have a purpose. "Hallelujah" is used as a metaphor, to echo hopefulness through love and acceptance of

Reflections of a Substitute Teacher : Before Class

The following passage is based on actual accounts of a substitute teacher. After an abbreviated stent of service in the U.S.A. military as a pilot and officer, Mrs. Beeswax's middle school math class couldn't be that tough. Besides, its not like the school is in "the ghetto", just majority skewed towards the African-American, Latino and other minority community in a urban setting. Plus, this is his hometown. Mr. Bell allowed the last song of my morning commute to end before exiting the car and entering the school building. From the driver seat he could see the students filing into the school, greeting each other excitedly after only being home since the bell rang yesterday afternoon. A princ

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