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1st Annual Still In School Bash

Thursday, January 19th at Skate Zone, we were able to service many ​​​​Clayton County/Metro-Atlanta students and families in attendance at the 1st Annual Still In School Bash with school supplies and resources. Partners included Well Care, Primerica,The Chainges Fund, Chik-Fil-A and Clayton County's Sheriff and Police Departments.

The Still In School Bash consisted of a few components: art exhibit, poetry, skating, shopping, and inspiration by community figures. Music was provided by Dj 2uty and hosted by Eazy the Great. The art exhibit was curated by the artist K. Medulla. Kendall Fire performed spoken word meant to inspire a generation to push for progression. Attendees were introduced to Hallelujah Trends: a clothing and apparel line fabricated to spread peace. Well Care provide information about health care and the recent changes to it. Primerica offered patrons financial advise and workshops. Clayton County Police had words of encouragement.

In closing, thank you to all the attendees and participants. SPECIAL THANKS TO SKATE ZONE for hosting the community.


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