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“It is the glistening promise of our future that wakes me up each morning, but it's the current poverty and blight that exists that keeps me up at night; knowing that the resources to change today's issues are available now.


With this campaign I promise to put the people and our future first. Georgians should not pay so many taxes! You should keep more of your money in your pockets. No man, woman, or child should know what homelessness or food scarcity looks like in our great state of Georgia. We must invest in education and healthcare! I am a champion for a living wage and public safety. I promise to protect those who are voiceless like the poor, victims of human trafficking, and mentally ill; while providing a lush landscape for business and economic development to thrive. Not only will Georgia be the number 1 place to do business but it become the number 1 place to live, work, learn, and play. “

  • Education is the passport to the future, our youth and state deserves first class access.

  • I will work to get Georgia teacher’s 10% pay raise.

  • I will work to get with local school systems resources to provide cutting edge technology for learning, reduce class sizes, and hire/retain teachers.

  • I will work to fully fund the Hope Scholarship to make in state college or technical school affordable/free.

  • I will push for legislation for financial literacy in high school curriculum and Spanish elective in elementary school.

  • I will ensure Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) programs are taught to qualify all of Georgia’s students to enter the workforce of the future.

  • I will work to provide better access to schools for rural students in a timely manner.

  • I will work with the Department of Labor to train and educate citizens that have been foreced out of the workforce.

Public Safety
  • I will work to ban assault rifles for public purchase, thus preventing mass shootings, acts of violence, and terrorism.

  • I will work to increase required training to become a police officer to better serve and protect the citizens of Georgia and their families.

  • I will work to increase sentencing for rape, murder, violence, and hate crimes to deter others from committing them.

  • I will work for complete marijuana decriminalization, to alleviate the workload of all law enforcement personnel and the budgetary load on taxpayers.

  • I will work to end privatized prisons, parole, probation, or any correction operations to end mass incarceration.

  • I will work to increase funding for mental health illness and drug addiction services.

  • I will support legislation that better equips law enforcement agencies to combat human trafficking.

Economic Development
  • I will work to ensure Georgians keep more of their hard earned money by lowering the state income tax, among others: especially in regards for senior citizens, veterans, teachers, and public servants.

  • I will work to make sure that our minimum wage is a living wage.

  • I will fight any effort of wage discrimination against any minority or women.

  • I will push to establish state owned industrial farms to combat poverty, food scarcity, and create economic opportunities in Georgia.

  • I will work to support a comprehensive public transit plan for metro-Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

  • I will work to grow the infrastructure of Georgia to support emerging industries in technology, finance, and clean/renewable energy.

  • I will work to create new and sustainable solutions of homelessness and quality of life.

  • I will work to develop grants for the Arts and beautification projects.

  • I will support legislation that keeps housing affordable for Georgians and seniors.

  • I will work to make sure seniors and senior services are better integrated into our communities.

  • I will work to protect, restore, and expand wild forests; and protect vulnerable wildlife by preserving and expanding habitat.

  • I will work against any new expenditures on dirty energy infrastructure (fossil fuels/nuclear).

  • I will work to replace coal dependency with Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, equivalent to 20% of Georgia Power capacity by 2020.

  • I will restore electric vehicle tax credits.

  • I will support legislation protecting Georgians against new projects in regards to fracking, oil, and natural gas pipelines.

  • I will work so that Georgia’s grid is 100% coal free by 2030 and 100% renewable by 2050.

Freedom and Equality
  • I will fight tirelessly against discrimination, hate, or violence against Georgians on the basis of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or place of birth.

  • I will work to protect Georgian’s that have immigrated and their children faced with deportation and discrimination for pursuing the “American Dream”.

  • I will ban hate groups from the ability to assemble, protest, or host demonstrations in Georgia that infringe on the rights of others.

  • I will work to preserve women's rights and champion for pro-choice.

  • I will fight to reduce and protects people against human trafficking.

  • I will work to expand Medicare and Medicaid, to ensure Georgians across the state has access to quality and affordable healthcare.

  • I will work to end discrimination against young Georgians on family plan, veterans, and Georgians with pre-existing conditions.

  • I will work to support businesses in their ability to provide health insurance without high premiums causing closings or lay-offs.

  • I will work to increase funding for mental health illness and drug addiction services.

  • I will defend women’s access to birth control and the right to choose, and stand against any legislation infringing on that right.

  • I will work to provide rural Georgians with timely access to life saving healthcare and treatment.

  • I will support legislation enhance preventive healthcare services and eliminate food deserts.

Veterans & Public Servants
  • As a Navy veteran it is important to serve those that served us.

  • I will work to make sure that the state of Georgia’s veterans get top rate health and mental healthcare. That our VA facilities operate at its highest potential.

  • I will work for ad valorem tax exemptions for veterans and disabled veterans for both property and motor vehicles. This will apply to public servants such as : teachers, police, and EMT.

  • I will work for income tax exemptions for veterans and disabled veterans. This will apply to public servants such as : teachers, police, and EMT.

  • I will support housing initiatives for homeless veterans.

Infrastructure and Transit
  • I will work to develop and connect metro-Atlanta through mass public transit, particularly rail.

  • I will work to develop more bike and walking trails, including sidewalks throughout Georgia.

  • I will work to develop public Wi-Fi in cities and communities across the state of Georgia.

  • I will work to push Georgia’s electrical grid from fossil fuel dependency to clean and renewable sources.

  • I will work to see that rural Georgians have access to quality education and healthcare within close proximity.

  • I will work to prepare Georgia for better emergency disaster management response.

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