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Hallelujah Trends: A Brand About Strengthening Equality

Hallelujah Trends is a brand launched by Taylor Smith: 22 years old. It started in here dorm room, as a sophomore in college, she created a brand known as Hallelujah Trends. Taylor built her brand based on the principles of peace, equality, unity and most of all salvation. (HT) was to be used as a vessel, to silence hatred, violence, and discrimination.

Hallelujah Trends' intentions are to shift the general perception, to an unbiased and nondiscriminatory view: despite your race, gender identification, sexual preference, outward appearance, mental capability, social "class", or faith... You have a purpose.

"Hallelujah" is used as a metaphor, to echo hopefulness through love and acceptance of everyone.

With tee shirts Taylor Smith can only hope that her message spreads around the world. With the help of an “army”, she’d like to show people that fitting into an image fed to us by social media and reality television, isn’t what you were designed to do. You are who are because you were designed that way. On purpose, without any mistakes.



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