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Spring Festival

Thank you, Andrew Stringfellow and A Community A-Fair for bringing the Spring Festival to Clayton County. I had a great time this past weekend with the citizens of Clayton County. The fair will be opened between April 1-10th, hosted at the Riverdale Town Center. This facility was once a recreational park in which I played baseball. I conversed with many wonderful people from the Class of 08 to 18 of Mundy's Mill High School, in addition to parents and teacher from the other local schools.

Local food vendors served their delicious cuisines such as, Uncle Herman's Fried Fish and Pigs-N-Heat BBQ. The Ferris wheel and swing high on the "Yo Yo" overlooked the beauties of Clayton County. The community really enjoyed the festivities and entertainment. As a commissioner, I will continue to support stimulating economic activities.

Vote Eric Bell for Commissioner of Clayton County, I need your support! Eric B. for District 3. Together we can restore the village and succeed. So please, tell your family and friends. Early voting starts May 2nd. The election is May 24th.

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